Thursday 14th March - Saturday 4th May 2019
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For his third solo exhibition at FOLD, Tim Ellis presents an exhibition comprising relief sculptures, cast busts, paintings and drawings all centred on a tented structure displaying furniture. This is the first exhibition where Ellis makes direct reference to some of the characters that inhabit his works and installations.

Within his practice, Ellis investigates ideas of cycles, faith, and society; through the exploration of totemic objects and relics created by different cultures. These reoccurring themes are made visible through his attempts to make sense of, and recognise different traces of life within each piece. Current research interests into the Kibbo Kift, Bauhaus Design, ancestry, ceremony and ritual permeate the works on display and give a sense of something greater unifying the installation.

Since 2016, Ellis has been working in specific locations using materials and imagery found and collected in the locality. These adopted and displaced designs; forms and techniques are distilled and reconstructed to create systemic drawings, paintings and wall constructions that make reference to narratives, symbols and codes. The masked characters portrayed in the works offer an insight into a new inhabited space with aesthetic cues that hint at specific periods of history.

Ellis intuitively responds to the displaced and forgotten imagery and materials: adding, adapting, and abstracting the information in order to develop a series of responses that suggest the appearance of another culture or alternative society, yet they remain unspecific, leaving the viewer to determine their origin.