Mali Morris

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Mali Morris, b. 1945, North Wales, UK. Lives and works in London. Graduated from the University of Reading (MFA) in 1970 and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (Fine Art BA) in 1968. Her first major exhibitions were at the Serpentine Summer Show 3, London, 1977 and the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1979. Since then she has held over 35 solo shows worldwide, and has been included in numerous group shows, at the Barbican, Hayward Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, Whitworth Gallery Manchester, Museum of Wales Cardiff, as well as a number overseas.

She has received awards from the Arts Council, British Council, DAIWA Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Elephant Trust, GLAA, The Lorne Award and the Sunny Dupree Family Award, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2009.

She has been a lecturer and examiner at many departments of Fine Art, and from 1991-2005 was Senior Lecturer in Painting at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts, London. She is an Artist-member of the charity A.P.T, Creekside, South London, where she has her studio, and is a Trustee of the charity Poetry London. In 2010 she was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts.

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<b>Title: </b>Pearled and Pasted<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on paper<br /><b>Size: </b>60 x 76 cm
<b>Title: </b>Ghost<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>200 x 220 cm
<b>Title: </b>Second Ghost<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>169 x 193 cm
<b>Title: </b>Third Ghost<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>169 x 192 cm
<b>Title: </b>Golden Echo<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>70 x 80 cm
<b>Title: </b>Black Sun<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>70 x 80 cm
<b>Title: </b>Second Stradella<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>198 x 214 cm
<b>Title: </b>Line Dancer<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>70 x 80 cm
<b>Title: </b>Cinnabar<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>50 x 60 cm
<b>Title: </b>Light Despite<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>50 x 60 cm
<b>Title: </b>Stradella<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>168 x 193 cm
<b>Title: </b>Dark Rose Gold<br /><b>Year: </b>2014<br /><b>Medium: </b>Acrylic on canvas<br /><b>Size: </b>36 x 45 cm