Sarah  Jones (feat. Ana Genovés)

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Bored by Kindness Swish, by Sarah Jones
Sampled from a three-part playback audio recording
Unedited duration, 3 hours


Sarah Jones lives and works in London. Graduated from Royal College of Art, in 2015. Exhibitions and performances include: ‘choon’, The Great Central, Leicester (2013), ‘Drawing Biennial’, Drawing Room, London (2013), ‘React’, Dilston Grove, London (2013), ‘The Big Bamboozle’, Camden Arts Centre, London (2013), ‘New Contemporaries’, ICA London (2012/13), “Where’s my cheese roll” “I made that cheese roll”, BNC Film Salon ICA, London (2012), ‘New Contemporaries’, Liverpool Biennial (2012), ‘No Now!’, Space Station Sixty-Five, London (2012), ‘An Announcement, with the Arensky Chamber Orchestra’, Cadogan Hall, London (2011), Two Parts An Ode or Ode Be Half A Brick and Read-through of the Script for ‘the playing of a 7”phonograph record’, broadcast performances for Sean Dockray’s Public Monument, CCA show, RCA, London (2011), ‘BlockBlock’, collaboration with Eve Peasnall hosted by Judith Dean, London (2010), ‘New Music Action’, collaboration with Eve Peasnall, Café Oto, London (2010), ‘Le Sept Jours Weekend’, L’École des Beaux-Arts, Paris (2010).

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Ana Genovés, b. 1969, Madrid, Spain. Graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in 1995. Exhibitions include: ‘Drawings by Sculptors’, Royal Academy, London, (2015), Solo, Tannery Arts/The Drawing Room, London (2008), ‘The Square Show’, Bloomberg Space, London (2003), ‘Jerwood Sculpture Prize’, Jerwood Space, London, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (2001), Solo, The Approach Gallery, London (1999), ‘Whitechapel Open’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (1996). Awards include: Finalist for Max Mara Art Prize for Women: 6th Edition (2015-17), Shortlisted for Paul Hamlyn Award (2010), Nominated for Beck’s Futures (2001), Shortlisted for Jerwood Sculpture Prize (2001).

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<b>Title: </b>Concrete Container, by Ana Genovés<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>Polystyrene and cement<br /><b>Size: </b>92 x 170 x 37 cm
<b>Title: </b>Concrete Container, by Ana Genovés<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>Polystyrene and cement<br /><b>Size: </b>92 x 170 x 37 cm
<b>Title: </b>Small Blocks, by Ana Genovés<br /><b>Year: </b>2011<br /><b>Medium: </b>Polystyrene, cement, and paint<br /><b>Size: </b>Variable dimensions (each 9 x 10 x 12 cm)
<b>Title: </b>Encrusted Carpet, by Ana Genovés<br /><b>Year: </b>2013<br /><b>Medium: </b>Wood, carpet, clay, paint<br /><b>Size: </b>240 x 98 x 55 cm
<b>Title: </b>Bored by Kindness Swish, by Sarah Jones<br /><b>Medium: </b>Graphic score<br /><b>Size: </b>29.7 x 21 cm