Saturday 10th January - Saturday 24th January 2015
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FOLD Gallery is pleased to announce our final show in Clerkenwell.  The exhibition consists of works by our represented artists and will link to works to be featured at London Art Fair 2015.

The premise of the exhibition is one of materiality and physical interventions that are employed by each artist, and the value – significance – that the material nature has for the viewer.  There is also an awareness that the audience is being pushed to the point where the idea of viewing is an actively involving process, not a traditionally passive one.

Works with canvas, wood, pigment, powders and plastics – are shown alongside works made from the most basic materials – scraps of plywood, sheets of stickers, marker pen and spray paint. Paintings with a central geometric motif subjected to varying levels of erasure, repetition and concealment are shown alongside paintings that protrude from the wall, paintings that sit on the floor and elegant concrete sculptures made from found objects. The ‘matter’ of the work invites the viewer to create a new encounter with it. A re-appropriation of material and positioning engages the viewer to question both the ‘matter’ behind the production of the work and also how it is displayed.

The exhibition describes a way of seeing particular to a group of artists whose work offers an understanding of physical space as conceptually constructed images. Drawing from a variety of sources from the industrial to the domestic, design and architecture, these artists present work where the image becomes an object in its own right. Perspective shifts, physical forms and surface texture engage the viewer offering a vision of abstraction. But through material and pictorial decisions a presence of something more is revealed. These works induce a meditative state questioning the relationship between image and object, and allow the possibility for something symbolic to appear.