Saturday 22nd June - Saturday 3rd August 2013
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FOLD is pleased to announce the continuation of their programme of solo shows. These consist of two solo shows that run simultaneously, presenting two separate bodies of work within the same space. However, there is no major physical divide within the gallery to set them apart.

The intention is to present the viewer with a unique opportunity to form their own conclusions regarding the relationships between the separate shows. The hope is that the gallery, rather than intervening, is acting as a catalyst for these events to unfold.



Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen explores painterly space, drawing inspiration from the built environment via photography and models. His paintings often explore the utopian aspirations attached to the meaning of the private space, contextualised within the history of Modernism and current architectural discourse.

His work is permeated by an acute interest in to how architectural structures function as extensions of human consciousness, while testifying to the contemporary understanding of the human condition. Havsteen-Mikkelsen presents built environments as sites of conflict, the architectural structures being the visual representation of both a conscious and unconscious perception of the body.

The works in his show Look At This World can be seen as a tribute to film director Jacques Tati and the subtle critique of contemporary life in his film Playtime from 1967. All the paintings have been inspired from stills from the film, but transformed and interpreted in a new direction with a stronger focus on the abstract nature of architecture and its impact on the human mind.


“What first amazed me
about Jacques T.
was his ability to convey space
as a subject with its own will.
And in this game of spaces,
the human being was almost
a puppet,
seemingly free,
subdued to a spatial logic
that it itself had created
and yet now had become the slave of.
Are we ready for Playtime?”

LOOK AT THIS WORLD – A ventilated prose-performance | By Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Berlin, 2013