Saturday 7th September - Saturday 5th October 2013
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FOLD is proud to present ‘Magic 8 Ball’ – a show which brings together seven artists whose work offers a presentation of experiential chance.

The exhibition describes a way of seeing; an understanding of physical space as conceptually constructed and aesthetically loaded images and objects. The artists in Magic 8 Ball display a kaleidoscopic re-evaluation of aesthetics, from art historical references to the commonality of the everyday experience. They expand this experience using the media of video, sculpture, drawing and painting often blurring the divisions between.

Works displayed are from varying practices – and are not meant to offer associative connections with each other – but rather describe the exhibition as a form of material components and ostensible subject matter. Sources range from the industrial to the domestic, design and architecture, presenting work at the intersection of imagery and object-hood. Perspective shifts, physical forms and surface texture engage the viewer offering a vision of abstraction or at least the contemplation on the currency of the term.

In many cases the works are removed from serial investigations, both blocking its intended contextualization and revealing its import by participating in an accordion-like action of revelation and obduracy. Alternatively, the distinct materials and scales allows the work to be read as signs and symbols as well as to be seen for themselves, thus briefly obviating a given work’s metaphysical references.