Friday 8th July - Sunday 7th August 2011
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Please Drive Slowly Through Our Village brings together a number of artists exploring the representation of ‘support’ and ‘structure’ as a failed, dysfunctional and collapsible proposition. Working within a paradoxical remit, they share the need to suggest an unworkable solution. Function and permanence becomes a misnomer, where the architectural model can be read as a license to present its own shortcomings. What we are left with is a playful dynamic that recognises the value of vulnerability and failure as integral elements within a metaphorical and conceptual framework of making.

The familiar and the strange work in tandem here to confound any assumptions the viewer might place in the show’s logic and construction. A rack of climbing wall sections slumps pathetically in the corner, peppered with the garish grippings of a play-dough riot. An absurdist critique on a modernist agenda, we are forced to interrogate these works, as they map out a broken terrain of arrested development. The wry sentiment of the title creates a vacuum of burgeoning wit gently gathering pace. A skeletal assemblage of weathered picture frames reconfigured into a chair sits complete with a fractured portrait.

There is a tension between convenience and obsolescence in the various pieces: A bread castle, the clichéd ingredient of prison sculpture, killing time, spars out with the reversed re-enactment of a smashed iron, cast and documented with outmoded film and graphics. Please drive slowly through our village offers up an interesting trajectory, carving out a territory less concerned with airbrushed results than a leaking process.