Friday 27th May - Saturday 2nd July 2011
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FOLD is pleased to present a group show celebrating the first two years of, an online collaboration between artist Dan Davis and literary critic and critical theorist Arne De Boever. Although the project initially recorded only work by its founders, it gradually began to include works by other artists as well, leading the process of accumulation to intensify until the point of its destruction. In the midst of an emergency situation that is both political and economic, Primitive Accumulation aims to stage a dialogue between artworks and texts that would empower audiences to not simply face up to the challenges of their times, but to generate works in response.

The exhibition invites selected artists from two years of Primitive Accumulation.

To mark this occasion a full-colour 90-page print version of the project is now available. The curators have also invited theorist Anneleen Masschelein to give a talk on Sunday 29th May. In celebration of the exhibition, London-based band My Sad Captains (Stolen Recordings) will perform a concert in the evening of Monday 30th May.



This exhibition is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Arts