Wednesday 26th July - Saturday 12th August 2023
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Fold is pleased to present, Proximity, a two-person exhibition that brings together the work of artists Annie Trevorah and Liberty Quinn to explore the transformative effects of closeness, both physical and metaphorical.

The term proximity thereby serves as an expansive framework for a long list of terms and actions that not only describes a physical nearness, but a greater temporal proximity and the potential for encounters for future intimacies.

While Trevorah and Quinn use distinct aesthetics and materials, creating both unity and dissonance, their practices share a mutual fascination with proximising the Anthropocene.

Quinn’s work utilises the codes of photography and film to explore how close-ups, and changes in scale, can reveal the too often ‘invisible’ violence of environmental collapse. Within ‘Floe’, 2023 she mobilises the zoom-in feature on Google Earth to locate herself within the ungraspable expanse of Antarctica, only to find the imagery has fractured and disrupted by the piecing together of information. In proximising this digital distortion through producing large C-type and UV print on steel, Quinn engages with the planetary time scales of slow environmental violence. In the artist’s own words ‘It is almost as if when a technological glitch occurs, an ice sheet melts.’

Trevorah’s work reflects on the socio-dynamic interplay between humans and non-humans in order to explore ideas of interdependence, connectivity, entanglement and mutation. Often referencing sexuality and reproduction, she works across sculpture, textiles, photography and moving image to interrogate assumptions about human superiority above the environment to reflect on our hubris in thinking that we are better than and somehow entitled to exploit the animal and vegetable world around us. In this exhibition, we see ‘Inhumana’ 2023 a large vessel-like creature that surveys, transports and devours, while ‘Predator 2’ 2023 whose barbed sexual organs, blatantly challenges the Proximity Principle which accounts for the tendency for individuals to form interpersonal relations with those who are close by.

Annie Trevorah is a British artist living in London. She completed her MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Trevorah’s first solo show Symbiosis took place in Feb 2023, London. She has exhibited internationally with recent shows at Centro Culturale di Milano, Las Laguna Gallery, USA and 67 York Street, London. She received the Gold Award by Gallery Nat for her work in Rush to the Wilderness and exhibited in the Chiaya Awards show and the Aesthetica Art Prize show. In 2022, Trevorah was commissioned by Wandsworth Council to produce a public sculpture in Battersea Park, replacing Barbara Hepworth’s Single Form whilst on loan. She was also awarded the Chianciano Biennale 2022 Prize for Photography and Digital Art and is a recipient of ICAC Art Critics Award. Trevorah is currently working on Triffids, her second London solo show this year, in collaboration with Chelsea Physic Garden as part of their 350th anniversary celebrations, which opens at the Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park on October 18th 2023.

Liberty Quinn is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Her work sits on the intersection of art and technology to investigate the breakdowns and shifting of space of the Anthropocene. In 2019 Liberty graduated with a first class honours at the University of Brighton and received the Breakthrough Award from the Artist’s Collecting Society (ACS) during her time there. Soon after graduating Liberty had her first solo show Magnificent Desolation at Ollie Quinn gallery, Brighton. Selected recent exhibitions include Unfolding Traces with Pigeon Park at the RCA Hanger Gallery, Two Fold at Southwark Park Gallery, London, Stack at 67 York Street, London, Pure Class at St John’s on Bethnal Green and Un/Sense at Christie’s, London, which showcased the rising talent of artists based in London. Liberty has undertaken two residencies at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire and recently took part in ‘Multiple Layers’ conference with SGC international on the panel of ‘The Pursuit of Print in an Online World’.