Saturday 7th July - Saturday 4th August 2012
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FOLD Gallery is pleased to announce the second in their new programme of solo shows. These will consist of two separate solo shows that will run simultaneously, presenting two separate bodies of work within the same space. However, there will be no major physical divide within the gallery to set them apart.

The intention is to present the viewer with a unique opportunity to form their own conclusions regarding the relationships between the separate shows. The hope is that the gallery, rather than intervening, is acting as a catalyst for these events to unfold.



Chris Mew previously studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux arts de Grenoble, France, and has recently graduated from his MA at The Royal Academy Schools.

Mew creates large scale images on canvas. In an effort to convey presence beyond likeness, Mew draws upon specific disciplines; fragmenting, manipulating, isolating and distorting them to achieve non-illustrational forms. Deliberately destroying potential narrative whilst creating a pictorial battle between different media serves to highlight the conflict within the content itself. Written scripts, film, print, canvas and paint play a gentle game of tug of war against each other lulling the spectator into a place of quiet discomfort.