Thursday 8th October - Saturday 19th December 2020
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FOLD is pleased to present The Better Self a solo show by Marton Nemes

Life is like big wave surfing, in the middle of the deep ocean, waiting for the right wave to catch. However it is not that easy to catch the right wave and stay on top of it.

Although 2020 might seem to some like a cold, endless plain of water, the work of Marton Nemes is full of life, energy and joy. It is as though art could provide shelter from the daily anxiety and ultimately a source of hope and means for survival. From the observations of Harari we know that right now we might be witnessing the collapse of the idea of liberalism and that the world doesn’t have any other vision, ideology or model to rearrange itself. So we are staring into the void – which is the title the artist gives to a new series of paintings included in the show – the exhibition title The Better Self refers to this seeking for a new order.

Nemes puts the structures of his art on the table and presses the reboot button. He creates bodies of art that are both sculptural and painterly, while appearing engineered and handcrafted, by using coloured laser cut stainless steel sheets with welded spray-paint coated metal elements and acrylic painted canvases. Vividly expressive colours and spectacular gradients melt together in a blurred, distorted and broken way on the surface of his collaged objects. Life always finds a balance and adapts to new circumstances and so does the art of Márton Nemes.

Márton Nemes, b. 1986. Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Lives and works in London. Graduated from MFA Chelsea College of Arts, London University of Arts in 2018. Exhibitions include: ‘Salón ACME’, project with Annka Kultys Gallery, Mexico City. MX (2019). ‘Ghosng Love’, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK (2019). ‘New Posions’, solo project with Deak Erika Gallery at Art Cologne, Cologne, DE (2019). ‘Tomorrow’, Szent Istvan Kiraly Museum, Székesfehérvár, HU (2019). ‘Shaping Realities’ (solo), Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest (2017), ‘UnderCovered’ (solo), Kunstklag Gallery, Münich (2016). Awards and residencies include: Residency at Westport Art Center, Westport, US (2015), Residency Salzburg, Austria (2014), Ludwig Prize (2012).