Saturday 8th September - Saturday 6th October 2012
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FOLD is pleased to present The Unethical Anthropologist, an exhibition curated by Erica Shiozaki.

The Unethical Anthropologist gathers six contemporary collage artists William Crump, Elena Damiani, Phillip Estlund, Ruth Proctor, John Stezaker and William Turner.

Within Sally O’Reilly’s Collage: Diversions, Contradictions, and Anomalies, O’Reilly points out that a ‘collagist’ is like “…an unethical anthropologist who meddles with the very syntax of a culture”. When producing collage, the artist offers and retracts stories, collects signs and symbols – they appropriate, alter and re-distribute elements of known societal representations.

The work in this exhibition challenges the pictorial limits of collage, incorporating three dimensional works that push the notion of collage outside its conventional cut and paste technique, transforming the medium into a subject where its definition can expand.

Through pictorial contradictions and discordant materials, the artists provoke the very nature of collage, its history, and unforeseen future.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue and an essay by the curator.